A New Concept in Conception, it’s about Timing


Couples facing the complications and tribulations of failure to conceive can only best understand one another’s pain. The couple who founded this business understood this pain all too well.

After a painfully prolonged period of time, after very many ‘dead ends’, false hopes and expensive laboratory tests, a chanceful delivery of a single Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope unit from a relative overseas, saw the couple’s fortunes change dramatically, for a single, simple device and accompanying instructions had finally brought them new hope.

The “menstrual cycle”, as it is referred to, experienced by women, is actually the coordination of an intricate orchestra of different hormones (In fact three hierarchies), as conducted by glands and organs involved for the purpose of bringing a single, ready to be fertilized egg to the endometrial lining of the uterus, ready to be fertilized by dads sperm.


The complicated steps involved in the process are vital, for without it, conception cannot occur. Known clinically as the ovarian cycle, women colloquially refer to the period as “ovulation”. During this period, the presence of hormones causes salts ordinarily found in saliva to crystallize, and when a saliva sample is viewed under the light of the lipstick-sized Maybe MOM® microscope, the crystallized salts form a distinct pattern, often referred to as a fern leaf pattern.

For couples wishing to conceive, the strategy of mapping one’s cycle is a method of gaining control through knowledge of the cryptically timed ovarian cycle. With this knowledge couples can gain almost complete control of the situation, lessening the need and burden of costly medical consultations, and lack of knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics and timings associated with the cycle. When used correctly, the Maybe Mom system of cycle mapping, month by month, places the couple on the strategic high ground.

In the race for the egg, male sperm swim faster but die quicker than the females, and females swim slower but live longer than the males. With this applied knowledge, couples can accurately determine the gender of the baby they would like, based on conception during either early or late ovulation, as viewed using the unit.

Such is the simple beauty of this nifty pocket-sized tester. The availability of this simple yet ground-breaking technology, for the first time in SA, is being talked about on social media platforms with enthusiasm and is growing in popularity as interest spreads.

The units are available at Selected Major retail pharmacy chains as well as online, even more, exciting news is that Medical aid members will be able to claim back for one hundred percent of the purchase of the unit, provided that the unique ICD-10 code and unique nappy code provided by the store with each unit purchased is quoted with submission of the claim.

The unit is re-usable (10 000 times), and ISO 9001 compliant for quality.  Manufactured to the highest international standards by Swiss based contact lens manufacturer Optix and is endorsed by a leading world-renowned fertility clinic in South Africa.

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