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Maybe Mom - Know You Fertility Status Start Up Kit
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Finally a product that couples have been waiting for!
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Maybe Mom® Know Your Fertility Status Start Up Kit

This is t he only kit on the market to address the needs of both partners! The tests are designed to be taken in the comfort of your own home.

  • Saliva Ovulation Microscope
  • 2 x Home Sperm Count Male Fertility Tests
  • 4 x Home Pregnancy Tests
  • Couples Guide To Fertility
  • And Much More…
Maybe Mom Endorsed by Medfem

Infertility can impact one in 8 couples… This is an issue that affects both men and women equally. Before having to see fertility specialists or spending copious amounts of money, this kit is designed to Start Your Journey and lead you in the right direction to understanding how you and your partner’s bodies tick and will help get you closer to falling pregnant. We are continuously searching for more natural alternatives to a couple’s sexual health, fertility and wellbeing. There are Doctors on board that will answer any of your medical related questions and guide you in the right direction. We wish you everything of the best on this Journey to finally holding your little babies in your arms soon.

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If having a baby is taking longer than expected, The ‘Know Your Fertility Status Kit” is just what you need.

It’s a full starter kit that provides the latest home use technology. As a couple, test yourselves in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The kit has been designed and created by ourselves and a team of fertility specialists to give both men and women the tools and information you need to better understand your current sexual health.

It could be the answer to you conceiving naturally prior to visiting a fertility Clinic and paying a substantial amount of money.

This kit empowers couples to take back control of their fertility.

There is evidence that stress can not only effect our ability to conceive but it can affect our sex life in many ways it can reduce our desire for sex, it can make our muscles tense up and make us physically uncomfortable and it can affects our ability to have an orgasm.

There is also some evidence that when a women has an orgasm the contraction sucks sperm up into the uterus making it easier to conceive. 

Maybe Mom Stressed Woman and Sleeping Man
Maybe Mom Stressed African-Woman and Sitting Man

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