Sameeha Johnson

My Exciting story with Maybe mom, I was at the baby expo in 2015 when I came across the Maybe mom stall. I just had a miscarriage 3 months earlier so I was quite anxious to try again but knew it was gonna be hard as I have been battling to conceive for almost 3 years.

I spoke to Amanda which then advised me on some of the products and as we continued chatting it was discovered that I didn’t know when my ovulation took place and how to see when i was ovulating.

Amanda then showed me a chat and advised me on how ovulation worked and what I should do to test whether or not I was ovulating (which was rather weird) LOL.

She even advised me on what I should do after sex. Like not go to the bathroom immediately and to either lay on my tummy for a while or to put my feet up.

For months I tried what she advised me until January came around and now I was losing hope, due to me being too anxious to have a baby.

Little did I know my husband and I actually conceived in December.

I am now 6 and a half months pregnant and over the moon…  IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!!

All thanks to a special lady who just took some of her time to educate me.

Thanks to Amanda and well done to Maybe mom for having this special lady on your team.

But most of All Thank you dear God for sending me to that stall that day and for giving me my little giftA Happy mom to be(AGAIN,LOL)

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