Michelle and Gareth

Dear Amanda and Ellie,

You guys changed our lives…. for the good 🙂

After having a miscarriage with our first pregnancy and then trying many fertility treatments to try and fall pregnant again, nothing worked.

We decided to take a break for a while. A friend told me about a herbal pill to help regulate hormones, so I decided to drink this and another friend told me about Maybe mom. A week later I met you guys at the Mama magic baby expo and bought one. (Cash)

Never did i think this would be the answer to our prayers. I bought it in November 2012 and used it every single day (Even tested it on friends and family just to make sure results were accurate), it was so easy to use and I took it with me everywhere I went. You get to know your body so well.

31st of January 2013 I found out I was pregnant, three months later….. How amazing is that.

We now have this special little boy Joshua, thanks to you guys. He is 21 months old at the moment and the cutest ever.

I tell every single person that just happens to mention they are trying to fall pregnant about maybe mom. You will never look back.

Thank you for everything you do, you are making a big difference in a lot of people’s lives.

Much love

Michelle and Gareth Madden

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