Mandy Kendall

In June 2013, we were very excited when my husband and I started trying for a baby. After a year of irregular menstrual cycles and endless urine ovulation tests, we were unsuccessful.

In July 2014, my aunt told me about Maybe Baby which is now changed to Maybe Mom.

This was a wonderful product covered by my medical aid and I was able to test when I ovulated on a daily basis with no mess and fuss.

It was easy to wake up in the morning and lick the Maybe Mom stick to see if I was ovulating.

This made it easier for me to pinpoint when I was ovulating. My cousin had also starting making use of the Maybe Mom device. We started a challenge to see who would fall pregnant first by making use of the Maybe Mom and a healthy eating plan.

In August 2014, I ovulated but no success of pregnancy. In the middle of September 2014, we were away for the long weekend and I ovulated. Two weeks later my cousin sent me a message and said

she was pregnant. A few days later I went to buy a pregnancy test and I was thrilled to see that we were pregnant. My cousin and I were both expecting and our babies were both due in June 2015 one day apart.

The pregnancy went well for both of us. My cousin was scheduled for a Caesar on the 3rd of June 2015 and we were planning for Natural birth. At 04h00 on the morning of the 3rd of June 2015, my water broke and I delivered our beautiful girl at 18h10.

My cousin and I gave birth to our babies on the same day. Maybe Mom definitely played a huge role in making it easier for us to pin point when we were ovulating and making it possible for us to have a baby. Very satisfied client.

Having trouble conceiving? Maybe we can help!