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Hi I just got my parcel and I seriously want to take the time to thank you for believing with us and sending such a nice package with pregnancy tests in......

After my husband had a vasectomy reversal in June 2014 I never for one moment had any doubt that we would struggle to conceive, he had two beautiful children from a previous marriage.

We were very excited when the Dr informed us 3 months after the operation that it was a success and we should try to fall pregnant that September 2014. We immediately started trying and I was blown away when I found out I was pregnant one week after my 30th birthday in December 2014.

I saw the product one day when going to buy my monthly period supply, first I was nervous because it’s a new product, I took a chance and gave it a try, and every month I am so glad I made this change, Softcup changes your mood immediately because you don't even notice that you’re on your period, it doesn't leak, smell or hurt and doing activity as walking, dancing etc, has become much easier. It’s definitely worth it.

Kind regards

Ek kan nie glo ek het so laat in my lewe eers die produk ontdek nie, ek sal NOOIT weer iets anders gebruik nie! Dit is so maklik om te gebruik. Ek het van die ander ‘cups’ op die mark probeer en nie een van hulle kom naby die Softcup nie.  Baie dankie vir die uitstekende produk! 


Hi Maybe mom

At first I was so scared to use Softcup but then I grew some courage and I must say I really loved it.


Hi Maybe mom

I LOVE IT!!! Can’t live without them, clean, comfortable and the best product ever!!!

Thank you


I recently started using your Softcups and love them!

I’ve never had very heavy periods, but leaking was always an issue. Top that off with trying to remove a tampon that wasn’t ready to be removed! I’ve also always worried about fibres being left behind from the tampon so I temporarily switched back to pads. Hell no!

They’re big and unflattering and leak even worse than a tampon on a bad day.

I accidentally stumbled upon your Facebook page and have never looked back. My tampons are gathering dust in my closet as they are now being used for nosebleeds and tap leaks. The Softcup is easy to use and extremely comfortable to wear. No fuss, no leaking, no unhealthy bits left behind.

Thank you for making this product available to us; I can sincerely recommend this product to any woman.



Hi Maybe Mom

My Softcup and I are the best of friends when it’s 'that time of the month'...

Best product ever!!



Good Day Maybe Mom

About a month ago I flew down to the Cape for business and utilised the Softcup – my life has been liberated beyond comprehension. Monday I’m flying back and once again your cup which I’m currently using, has been an absolute God Send!!

What a phenomenal and easy to use product – the extra one that I bought from you at the expo, I have given to my friend, who has also now seen the ‘light’. Thank you for the wonderful surprise and a great product, most greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Good afternoon Maybe MOM!

I’ve been meaning to give you feedback on the Softcup.... IT IS AWESOME and I will never go back to using Tampons!!

I love Softcup


Hi Maybe Mom

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your Softcup. It is my first day using it and I really don't know how I went without it for so long. So much easier, it's not uncomfortable and a million times better than anything else I've used. I really do hope we can buy them from our everyday shops in future. Thank u so much for showing me this!!




I am currently using the Softcup. Its all I used before I got pregnant.

My period has just started again and I would love to find in retail stores - I LOVE them!!! Changed my life.


Hi Maybe Mom

I will never use anything else ever again. You happened to send it during my period so I didn’t have to wait to see if it works. Well it does. No mess. No worrying about running out of tampons.

I was changing my tampon every 3 hours with leakage. *cringe. Now I am not worried at all. 24 hours and I’m sold.

Thank you for putting yourself out there so that we could be introduced to this fantastic product.


Hi Maybe Mom

What you describing is exactly what happened to me! So thanks very much for the tips. I’m very positive about the Softcup and will try it at my next menstrual cycle again. Will keep practicing.

Thanks again for the info and the support!



Hi Maybe Mom

Just wanted to thank you for your superb service! I received my Softcup today. I didn't expect it to feel so comfortable, thank you very much for making my life easier.

Kindest regards