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Hi Sally,

I'm just so grateful to have access to a product that I now can use and know it helps. I've been diagnosed in 2000 with Fibro-myalgia and ever since been very frustrated, not being able to live a pain free life or having access to medication that can cure me or make me feel better. Dr Beverly Traub diagnosed me and since I've taken muscle relaxers, S5 pain killers, anti-inflammatory, Cymbalta and multiple injections. Sometimes just the side effects of some of the medication were too much to deal with. I must be honest with you.

I was recently introduced to the cream Naturone by Pam. I was dubious at first as this cream is not inexpensive. I was willing to try it as I am no spring chicken and with menopause around the corner as well, as me being a potential victim for breast cancer; I took the plunge and started using the cream. When I say I am a potential victim for cancer it is because I have relatives on my father and my mother’s side who have had breast cancer. My mom was also a victim, so I have to go for regular check-ups for this reason.

I have been on Naturone for a full 28 day cycle now. The pain in my breast caused by large cysts is gone. Touch wood, I have not had a hormonal migraine in 5 weeks. I am extremely pleased with the results, thank you.


I last menstruated almost 8 Months ago, have polycystic ovaries and insulin resistant - for this reason, am unable to note my ovulation date. I wrote to you asking how to take Naturone in my case. You advised that I should take Naturone 1ml morning and 1ml night every day leaving off 5 days between jars. I should carry on until a period starts, Once a period starts then count 12 days before applying Naturone, continue with the cream until the next period, count 12 days etc. etc.

I have started using NATURONE about six weeks ago and have started on my third jar. I am recommending this product to everyone - including my Gynaecologist. My heels are back to normal. My libido is picking up nicely. My spirit and moods as well.

Gisela Gross

I am 14 years old and I am going through puberty and although my period has not yet started I have been getting real bad mood-swings, like getting angry and annoyed at little things. My gran suggested I try Naturone and this cream has controlled my emotions by making me much happier. I no longer am angry anymore which is good for other s as well as for me ! I shall keep you informed of my progress, but thank you!



Thanks Sally. Now I understand why I am so calm in Traffic when I used to be a wreck before. I can recommend it for all would be "road-ragers."



Hi Sally

I doubt you will remember me but I called you two months ago in mid-September to ask advice about the use of Naturone. We discussed it and you asked me to let you know how it’s going. I wanted to give you an update. I had been taking HRT for approx. 10 years and in discussion with my GP I took a lowered dosage for 6 months and then stopped taking it all together. About four months after I stopped taking it I was experiencing horrendous symptoms of chronic anxiety, heart palpitations, depression and panic attacks.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis two years ago. At the end of July I visited Eden Health and told them about my situation and how I had to go back into hospital for Laparoscopic Surgery. They recommended I used a progesterone cream which could help my symptoms, so I did for the next six months.

My mother attended a talk given by you here in Harare and bought me a tub of Naturone. I had had severe PND after my first baby which lasted for 6 months, and she knew I would give anything not to go through the same thing again. This time round, (my baby is now 3 month) I put 1ml Naturone morning and night and have not had depression, in fact have not had so much as one negative thought.

It is quite amazing. It is also wonderful to know that there was a reason for the other depression and that I was NOT going mad ! Many thanks for your product, I will be telling all my pregnant friends about this wonderful product.

By the way, I am an amazing cow, this time round, and my baby is so good. Could this also be an effect of this product?

Brenda, Harare

I began using progesterone cream 5 months before falling pregnant after 9 years of infertility. And I used it liberally during my pregnancies and now have 2 bright and lovely children. I am interested to know whether I can use Naturone on my children, from what age, and how my husband would use it.

I was going to give you a call but will drop you a short e-mail in the meantime. I wanted to tell you that I started taking progesterone in November, Pip actually gave me a sample when he popped in to see my Mom and Dad and then I came to a talk and carried on with it. I have been trying to fall pregnant since the beginning of last year – not ovulating – and low and behold, am now 12 weeks pregnant! (Just 3 months later) The progesterone definitely worked for me, unless the fertility dolls from a friend in Kenya did the trick!

A Mitchley