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Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope      

  • Helps a woman accurately predict when she is most likely
    to conceive a baby... or not.
  • No inconvenient, messy urine testing, no daily temperature
    charts, and no visits to the doctor.
  • A simple saliva test clearly shows when a woman is fertile.
  • Can help you to try for a specific gender (80%)
  • Re-usable up to 10 000 times.
  • Re-imbursed by Medical Aid
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What is the Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope?

Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope is an easy to use, reusable mini-microscope that helps you identify your most fertile days and the ideal time to conceive. Simple and convenient. All you have to do is apply some saliva with a clean finger and let it dry (about 10-15 min) then simply view the dried saliva through the Maybe MOM® microscope. You will see the distinctive “fern” pattern if increased levels of oestrogen are present. The level of oestrogen increases dramatically around 2 to 3 days before ovulation and reaches its peak around the time of ovulation. Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation tester, uses increased levels of oestrogen to help you identify the ideal time to conceive and maximise the possibility of a successful pregnancy. Simple and convenient. It is also re-usable month after month.

Why use the Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope?

It’s a lovely product to use as it’s just so easy as opposed to having to pee on a stick to know if you are ovulating.

Also and very importantly is the two kinds of hormones that are being tested, with the Midstream (pee stick) ovulation testers, they test your LH (Luteinizing hormone) that hormone spicks just as you have ovulated making it important to have intercourse quick after seeing that the test is positive.

I often mention that in movies you see the wife phone the husband at work and say, “ITS TIME, COME HOME, THIS HAS TO HAPPEN NOW.” It’s very easy to miss the opportunity of conceiving that month when you have already ovulated and only have intercourse a few hours later.

With this Saliva ovulation microscope, it picks up your oestrogen levels which gradually start to rise 2-3 days before the egg is released and knowing that sperm can live in our bodies for up to 3 days in some cases, having intercourse 2-3 days before, a day before as well as on day of ovulation increases your chances of conceiving each month.

On this page you will find a training video on this Microscope to help women understand better how to use it and to see what it’s all about. It is 9 minutes long so just make sure you have a quiet 10 minutes free time to watch it.

How to use the Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope.

Please ensure that you have not eaten or drunk anything for at least 3 hours before using the Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope as the saliva sample needs to be free of contaminants. Food, drinks, toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum and smoking will interfere with the results. Drinking water will not affect the results.

We recommend that you take the sample first thing in the morning, before eating or brushing your teeth.

  fig 1
1. Remove the protective cover (Fig. 1).
  fig 2
2. Remove the viewfinder by gently pulling it straight out of the housing (Fig. 2).

Do not unscrew the rotating eye piece from the viewfinder.

  fig 3
3. Clean the sample plate with the lint-free cloth provided (Fig. 3). 

NEVER apply water directly to the sample plate or viewfinder.

  fig 4 4. With a clean dry fingertip, place a drop of saliva onto the sample plate and spread a layer ensuring that You cover the entire surface (Fig. 4). Gently glide any bubbles to the side of the sample plate onto the black area. Saliva from underneath your tongue should contain the least amount of bubbles.
5. Allow the saliva sample to air dry – only dried saliva will produce patterns. Patterns are not viewable when wet. This should take approximately 10-15 seconds. Do not use any heated appliances to reduce drying time as this may affect the patterns formed. View your results soon after the saliva sample has dried as prolonged exposure to air may interfere with the results.
  fig 5
6. After the saliva sample has dried, reinsert the viewfinder into the housing cylinder (Fig. 5).
  fig 6 7. Hold the Maybe MOM® Saliva Ovulation Microscope up very close to your eye and press the light switch on the bottom. Rotate the viewfinder to focus the image until a clear pattern is seen (Fig. 6).
8. Compare the image to the ones shown in this leaflet and record the results on the Fertility Cycle Chart provided.
9. Clean the dried saliva from the sample plate with the lint-free cloth. If the dried saliva is hard to remove, moisten the cloth only with a small drop of water.
10. Replace the protective cover. 
Download instructions here

Who is Maybe MOM® suitable for?

Couples who want children and will benefit from knowing when conception is most probable. The Maybe MOM® can help determine this time, because the level of estrogen in saliva increases dramatically 2 to 3 days prior to ovulation and reaches its peak during the day of ovulation. At this time, the fern leaf structure should clearly be visible.

As well as couples who want to increase the probability of the desired gender of the child conceive.

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