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This is the only kit on the market to address the needs of both partners!

The tests are designed to be taken in the comfort of your own home.

  • Saliva Ovulation Microscope
  • 2 x Home Sperm Count Male Fertility Tests
  • 4 x Home Pregnancy Tests
  • Couples Guide To Fertility

saliva tester 700

A New Concept in Conception, it’s about Timing

Couples facing the complications and tribulations of failure to conceive can only best understand one another’s pain. The Kouaiky couple understood this pain all too well.

After a painfully prolonged period of time, after very many ‘dead ends’, false hopes and expensive laboratory tests, a chanceful delivery of a single Maybe MOM® unit from a relative overseas, saw the couple’s fortunes change dramatically, for a single, simple device and accompanying instructions had finally brought them new hope.

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